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The Federated States of the Self-Governing Micronation of The People's Democratic Republic of Nolanaan


The Federated States of the Self Governing Micronation of The People's Democratic Republic of Nolanaan, commonly abbreviated to Nolanaan, is a micronation situated in a tennis court in a primary school in Yorkshire and some other places. We strive to make the lives of every citizen as idyllic as possible, and also to complete their needs. Being an independent, but small, nation in the world, we cannot guarantee absolute perfection, but perfection is our aim.


We are independent, as we are officially allied 6 micronations (see Partnering Nations).


Note: All full names on the website have been abbreviated for security reasons.


Email: nolanaan@hotmail.co.uk


President T. Carey and Vice President J. Krol, website last edited 08/05/2012



Diplomatic Relations

Facts about Nolanaan

Government Info


Nolanaan Airways

Nolanaan Constitution

Nolanaan News

Nolanaan Overground

Nolanaan Tourist Information

Nolanaanian National Anthem 

Nolanaanian Presidential Mail


Partnering Nations


Puzzle Archives

Recognised Dependencies


Weather forecast

Weekly puzzle page

Nolanaan NewsÒ



Nolanaan News archives fixed by our dedicated support team of IT consultants

The title is self explanatory.

Also, this is probably the longest article title in the Nolanaan News' history.




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Flag of Nolanaan





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